Episode 2.4 - "Tick Tock"

This episode of One More Time takes you on a journey through the minds of three directors, Chip De Stefano (McCracken Middle School, Skokie, IL), Cheryl Lee (Blue Valley West, Overland Park, KS), and Dr. Elizabeth Peterson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL) and their process/considerations when planning and executing a concert cycle for their ensemble. Scott Schwartz (Director of the Sousa Archive and Center for American Music) shares stories of the Sousa’s overall career. Dr. Wendy Matthews of the Kent State university (https://www.kent.edu/music/wendy-matthews) provides our two-minute technique for the month. This month’s main story follows our three directors through an entire concert cycle and discusses topics of choosing repertoire, curriculum, assessment, and culminates with the final performance. Thank you to Chip De Stefano, Cheryl Lee, and Dr. Elizabeth Peterson for sharing our insight with us!