University Band

Will Sugg & Paul Carter, conductors


The University Band is on equal positioning with the Campus Band. A traditional concert band with set instrumentation, the University Band performs large ensemble works and is specifically focused on providing members with a variety of quality repertoire, unique/untraditional repertoire, and non-traditional collaborations. Concerts for the University Band are held on campus at a variety of venues and usually in tandem with the Campus Band.

The ensemble is specifically geared to serve non-music majors who want to enjoy playing and improve their skills, and music education students on secondary instruments who wish to become familiar with more repertoire and other instruments than their primary. The University Band is open to both music majors and non-majors by audition, but does not fulfill the large ensemble requirement for music majors. It is a recommended second "large ensemble" experience for music education majors playing secondary instruments, and is a wonderful musical outlet for non-music majors to enjoy actively making-music. University Band rehearses two hours per week and presents one concert per semester. The ensemble is open to all by audition.  



MUS 272 N1 | MUS 450N (graduate credit)
University Band
7:00-8:50 PM | Mondays only both Fall & Spring Semesters
Room 141, Harding Band Building

FIRST MEETING: Monday, September 9th, 2019

Concert: December 8th, 2019

Paul Carter, pcarter3@illinois.edu
Will Sugg, sugg2@illinois.edu

*Does not fulfill major ensemble requirement for music or music ed majors

*All ensembles are open to music majors and non-majors based on audition. 



  • Large ensemble works
    Focused on a variety of experiences and styles to appeal to a wide range of student participant
    Emphasis on development of core ensemble skills and the joy of performance


  • Non-music majors and music education majors desiring experience on secondary instruments

  • Does not count as a major ensemble credit for music / music ed majors
    Open to community members


  • All students take the Standard Audition
    University Band is equal to Campus Band (Results A/B)


  • One during the Fall Semester, one during the Spring Semester.