UI Bands Alumni


General Information

Due to the legacy of being the first college band program, the University of Illinois Bands has over 12,000 living alumni with degrees from every major on campus. Truly, our alumni represent the entire University of Illinois, from some of the finest music professionals in the world to business leaders, engineers, medical professionals, and so on. Our band alumni have a unique bond forged through their experiences in the University of Illinois Bands and you can (and should) continue to enjoy your link to the most famous band program in the world.

Our University of Illinois Bands Alumni organization is an official alumni unit on campus. In addition to an executive board, the organization has several committees to assist with communication, the alumni marching band at homecoming, alumni concert band events, and so on.  This activity creates a living connection between our amazing alumni and our current students. 

To connect with our Alumni Band, please visit their website (UIBandsAlumni.org).  The current Alumni Band President is Maureen Durack and can be reached here.