What is a Podcast?

The easiest way to explain what a podcast is would be to relate it to a radio show. A podcast is entirely audio, no video. Podcasts differ in their content and format of each episode, but the most popular podcasts today are story driven. This is the format "One More Time" has taken.

how can I access a podcast?

You can get podcasts many ways. Most podcasts will have a website, and that is where they will officially post each episode. You can download the episodes directly from the website and play them on your computer or phone as an audio file. Apple users have an inherent podcast app on their phones, you can use that app to find and subscribe to your favorite podcasts. Android users have a myriad of apps to select from to play their podcasts.

how often do podcast episodes come out?

This depends on the podcast producers. Some podcasts come out every day, some every week or bi-weekly. "One More Time," comes out every other month with each season beginning in October. Most shows will provide a scheduled date for each release. For example, "One More Time" comes out the third Wednesday of each month.

i don't have time to listen...

A lot of people think they don't have time to listen to a podcast, but you do! Many people listen to episodes in their car going to and from work, while they exercise, or clean their house. They are easy to access and are enjoyable to hear!