Episode 1.4 - "Adventures on a Barge, or How I Got Smuggled Into Cuba"

The American Wind Symphony Orchestra and their conductor Robert Boudreau are the focus of this month's episode. There are several guests throughout our episode within the segments, including Scott Schwartz (Director, Sousa Archives and Center for American Music), Chip DeStefano (Director, McCracken Middle School), Mark Connor (Everything Band podcast), and Dr. David Biedenbender (Assistant Professor of Composition, Michigan State University), and a rehearsal peek with Dr. Andrew Boysen, Jr. (Professor of Music, University of New Hampshire) leading the All-Illinois Junior Band.



Cyclotron page from David Biedenbender's website, which includes a full recording and perusal score.

Episode 1.3 - "Gameday!"

This episode takes the listener through a game day with the Marching Illini. We will be visited by several guests, including Scott Schwartz (Director, Sousa Archives and Center for American Music), H. Robert Reynolds (retired Director of Bands, University of Michigan), Dr. J. Ashley Jarrell (Director of Instrumental Music, University of North Georgia), and Dr. Eli Fieldsteel (Assistant Professor of Composition-Theory and Director of the Experimental Music Studio, University of Illinois).

New to this episode is a segment called "Source Material." Composers are invited to talk about one piece of music they have composed and give us their analysis of the work.

Episode 1.2 - "The Games We Play"

This episode focuses on the relationship between bands and athletic activities. We will be visited by several guests, including Scott Schwartz (Director, Sousa Archives and Center for American Music), Prof. Bernhard Scully (Professor of Horn, University of Illinois and Member of the Canadian Brass), Prof. Betsy McCann (Director of Athletic Bands, University of Minnesota), Prof. Barry Houser (Director of Athletic Bands, University of Illinois), Quinten Breach (Member, Marching Illini), and Josh Whitman (Director of Athletics, University of Illinois).


Companion Information

From "From the Archives" with Scott Schwartz

Three Strikes Two-Step by A.W. Bauer


Music Credits

"Spy Glass"

“Fig Leaf Times Two" (that's the song I took)

“National Game March” by the United States Marine Band

Episode 1.1.5 - "Miniband 1"

In between our monthly installments, we hope to release what we will call "Minibands." These will be full interviews and unused materials from our episodes, and on occasion new stuff. Minibands will be a little less polished than our regular episodes, so items will generally be introduced at the beginning and roll into each other from there.

Our first miniband contains the full interviews from our first episode, which were cut due to time. there is a ton of information in these interviews.


Episode 1.1 - "Firsts"

In this episode we explore several important firsts for the wind band, including the first band, the first marching band, and the first Marine Band concert. We are joined by special guests: Dr. Elizabeth Peterson (Associate Director of Bands, University of Illinois), Scott Schwartz (Director, Sousa Archive and Center for American Music), Larry Dwyer (Assistant Director of Bands, University of Notre Dame), Barry Houser (Associate Director of Bands and Director of Athletic Bands, University of Illinois), John Pasquale (Associate Director of Bands and Director of Athletic Bands, University of Michigan), Gary Smith (President, American Bandmasters Association), and Gunnery Sgt. Kira Wharton (Historian, "The President's Own" United States Marine Band).

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Sources and Credits

Informational Sources

Music Sources

Canzon per sonar primi toni a 8, Ch. 170, James Howard Young

Funeral March of a Marionette, Eastern Wind Symphony

La Gracieuse – 2. Minuet I, Jennifer Paull  

Orient et Occident, Op 25, United States Marine Band

Sheridan’s Ride, United States Marine Band

“Oskee Wow-Wow” and “Pride of the Illini” provided by the Illinois Bands

“Podcast mood” composed by Ziarrah Fox

 “Victors” provided by Dr. John Paquale, Director of Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands