Episode 1.8 - "Grainger's Door and Other Stories from Down Under"

"One More Time" explores banding in Australia. We are joined on this episode by Joanne Heaton (doctoral candidate, Sydney Conservatorium of Music and music teacher at Our Lady of Sion College), Bruce Herriman (Principal, Instrumental Music School Services at Department of Education and Training, Western Australia), Rob McWilliams (Educational Outreach Clincian, Yamaha Australia), Monte Mumford (retired band director and Advisor and Lead Educator for the Melbourne Youth Orchestra Teacher Professional Development Programme), and John Lynch (Associate Professor, Sydney Conservatorium of Music). Scott Schwartz (Director of the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music) provides a story of Sousa's trip to Australia with his band, and the Source Material segment is about "Into the Sun" by Australian composer, Jodie Blackshaw.

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Pictures of the refurbishing of Grainger's door